RoboSoft 4.0

RoboSoft supports download sites that require an author account
4.0  (4 votes)
4.0.1 (See all)

RoboSoft is a submission application.
Main Features:
- Completely Automatic Submissions
- Support for sites with accounts and complex submission procedures
- The most complete and the most frequently updated Database of Download Sites (more than 1000 sites, updated daily)
- Automatic Database Updates
- Safe processing. No guessing. No duplicate accounts/listings
- Updating of existing author accounts and product listings on download sites
- Automatic tracking of product listings on download sites
- Advanced built-in validating PAD Generator and Manager
- Full Unicode and Multilingual PAD files support
- Automatic updating of PAD Specification Requirements
- Submissions to RSS Feed Directories
- Submissions to Press-Release Repositories
- Built-in SMTP Client for e-mail submissions
- CAPTCHA Processing
- DynamicPAD support
- Interactive Submission Mode for Advanced Users
- Built-in Template Editor for Freaks!
- data compatibility

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